Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eyelash Bling

I have been noticing a new kind of accessories around lately and its so cute and original!
Its accessories for your eyelashes! and i dont just mean fab falsies! ♥

These are amazing paper lashes by PAPERSHELF, they are so elegant and high fashion it blows my mind!
They come in many beautiful designs including: Horses, Peony, Peach blossom, Peacock, Butterfly & Clown
And you can get both full length or corner lashes omg! I just ♥ LOVE ♥ these Peacock corner lashes.


If you want something a little more cute or funky look no further than Etsy because the clever and crafty Spirys has created eyelash jewelry to suit any personality!

They are made of simple materials such as glass beads and colored wire with the addition of cute decorations. Who would have thought with just those things something so interesting can be made!? i wish i thought of it!

Is this something you would wear?
or have you seen a different kind of eyelash bling?
Comment me and tell me all about it! ❤




  1. wow so creative! :) that's super cute <3
    I wonder how heavy they are though :P

  2. apparently comfortable but i wonder also

  3. hi cherrie ! i'm veenna.hey this z great....really cool..!



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