Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brain slugs and Kitty cats

I found an amazing store today called Cute Storm
I am just blown away by the cuteness and the attention to detail in these beautifully handmade hats and plushies!

One of my fave items is the Brain Slug plushies!! They are so cute and you can attach them to your head using a safety pin and a headband or something so you can look like you are infected! lol (^∇^)
Brain Slugs are little parasitic slugs from the TV show Futurama that attach themselves to the heads of intelligent beings (such as humans) and control them.

Dont they just look to cute to be evil?

Cute Storm also makes cute animal themed hats with animals such as owls, pandas, cats, raccoons, penguins, rabbits and more. (. ◕ ω ◕ ) ♡

With the cold season on its way here in Australia i am defiantly putting one of these cuties on my shopping list! Personally i really like the panda! ♡



Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute Games!

I would like to share with you all some of my fave cute online games!
these are great to kill time and they are really fun (. ◕ ω ◕ )

Ameba Pico!

Ameba Pico is a very cute virtual world game that you can play on facebook or on the website.
Its all about making friends and it has lots of cute customizable features, such as rooms and avatars.
You can play games to win online currency called Gummies and buy clothing and furniture for your house!

There are always fun events and things to do, such as holiday events and quests.
And when you are not doing quests and games you can hang out in the various themed parks and rooms and chat with people from all around the world! its a really fun way to make new friends ^ω^

One of my fave things about Ameba Pico is you can have cute pets that follow you around and do adorable tricks! I have a pet panda named Ruki he loves to eat bamboo and sleep in my lap! ♥


Poupée Girl

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Poupée Girl is a beautiful fashion and social game where you can create the most adorable doll like avatars and dress them in gorgeous clothing ♥

You can earn Ribbons to purchase lovely clothing and customize your avatar and then show her off for everyone to see

Also you are able to post photos of your real clothing and create a virtual closet for everyone to see and comment on! its a great game if you love fashion and cute things.
There are contests to enter for your avatar and fun games to play to win more ribbons.

I am new to this game but i really love it already!

What cute games do you love to play?



Monday, February 21, 2011

゚+。.♥ Squeaky Clean ♥.。+゚

I love to have a long hot bubble bath, its so nice to do some self pampering!
And my fave thing about bath time is yummy soaps and lux bath bombs!

Rose Bubble Bath

One of my fave stores to shop for bath goodies is Lush! you can literally smell the store from a distance and it smells amazing! ♥
Not only do the products smell really good they are also Vegan friendly!

Softy is one of my fave bath bombs by Lush it smells of rose, ylang ylang and lavender so its super relaxing and it has pretty rose petals that float around in the bath once it has fizzed!
Its so pretty and luxurious it makes me feel like a princess.

Also i really love the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, ever since i got a little free sample from the store i have been obsessed!
It does an amazing exfoliation thanks to the ground almonds and its really soft on the skin not like other products that can feel like you are washing your face with sand paper >.<
It also contains Rose and Lavender oil which tones and soothes the skin.


Soapylove make some seriously cute glycerin soap pops! with loads of bright colors and yummy scents i just ♥ love ♥ these they look good enough to eat right?


This is one of my fave finds! ♥♥♥ the Lotus Bath Plug omg its so pretty right?
I have always loved flowers floating in my bath, normally pretty rose petals but the idea of a delicate lotus flower floating in my bath makes me feel like i am in a more magical place ^.^


Hip Hop Candy is super girly and sweet in every aspect from the product to the packaging. I just love the bath and beauty products because they have the most sugary sweet scents and kawaii bottles ♥


Lastly SweetbodySoaps makes a bath time treat so delicious you will want to eat it all up!
Cupcake Bath bombs!! (♥w♥) The frosting is made out of vegan friendly shea butter soap and the base is is a moisturizing bubbling bath bomb loaded with almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils for a moisturizing bath time treat.
There is heaps of scents to choose from and they come in 3 sizes!

Do you have a fave bath time treat?



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Betsey Johnson - Pink Patch

I was sooo excited when i found out that Betsey Johnson was launching a new more affordable collection at NY Fashion Week called Pink Patch!
And even more excited when i found out one of my idols and fellow blogger Gala Darling would be opening!
How awesome! Pink patch is all for under $100 and its so cool.
I took some really awful screen shots of my fave outfits off the live stream for all to see, but you can watch the full show including both of Betsey's collections HERE!

Please click for full view of slide show, thank you ^.^

Here are some much better pics detailing each outfit including those of the fancy new Black Tag line.
My faves are #41 (loved Gala Darling!)
#45, #60,
#68, #75,
#80, #86,
#87 (omg them shoes!! and the jacket ♥) and #89!



Sunday, February 13, 2011

☆ Operation Beautiful ☆

Another fitting room

Thinking about valentines day makes me think of something i love being a part of!

Operation Beautiful is all about spreading self esteem and smiles through random messages. You can post them anywhere and write anything inspirational, motivational or kind and it gives you the most amazing tingly warm rush each time, knowing at some point at least one person will read it and smile ^.^
Popular places to post these messages include fitting rooms, bathroom mirrors, the gym locker room or even on a random car’s windshield!
Operation Beautiful was created by the amazing Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point
and has even been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and The Today Show!

Tips on getting started

Buy or find some cute pens, paper or sticky notes for writing notes.

Make a list of things you want to write on them (i keep my list with me just in case!)

Pre write some out before hand for a quick stick on the go lol
Browse read some stories and get inspired!


Operation Beautiful

Some of my fave messages

Smile, You ARE beautiful! Believe it!

 In the end it doesn't matter how people look at you but how you look at yourself!

You look PERFECT! Smile :)

Every moment that you are not thrilled to be who you are is a moment lost.  (That is one of my faves)

 This is not a trick mirror you ARE beautiful!
To wish you are someone else is to waste the amazing person you are.

Beauty is one thing everybody has including you! So smile :)

You are beautiful! Smile and let others see your beauty.

Never be afraid to be different!! Beauty is unique. (That one rocks)

You have a beautiful smile so use it!! :D

The scale does not measure your self worth, you are beautiful!

You ARE beautiful! don't let anyone tell you anything different!!!


L'oreal True Match

Operation Beautiful: Website Twitter Facebook Group



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