Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Betsey Johnson - Pink Patch

I was sooo excited when i found out that Betsey Johnson was launching a new more affordable collection at NY Fashion Week called Pink Patch!
And even more excited when i found out one of my idols and fellow blogger Gala Darling would be opening!
How awesome! Pink patch is all for under $100 and its so cool.
I took some really awful screen shots of my fave outfits off the live stream for all to see, but you can watch the full show including both of Betsey's collections HERE!

Please click for full view of slide show, thank you ^.^

Here are some much better pics detailing each outfit including those of the fancy new Black Tag line.
My faves are #41 (loved Gala Darling!)
#45, #60,
#68, #75,
#80, #86,
#87 (omg them shoes!! and the jacket ♥) and #89!



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