Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brain slugs and Kitty cats

I found an amazing store today called Cute Storm
I am just blown away by the cuteness and the attention to detail in these beautifully handmade hats and plushies!

One of my fave items is the Brain Slug plushies!! They are so cute and you can attach them to your head using a safety pin and a headband or something so you can look like you are infected! lol (^∇^)
Brain Slugs are little parasitic slugs from the TV show Futurama that attach themselves to the heads of intelligent beings (such as humans) and control them.

Dont they just look to cute to be evil?

Cute Storm also makes cute animal themed hats with animals such as owls, pandas, cats, raccoons, penguins, rabbits and more. (. ◕ ω ◕ ) ♡

With the cold season on its way here in Australia i am defiantly putting one of these cuties on my shopping list! Personally i really like the panda! ♡




  1. omgawsh those are so adorable!
    I love lil hats like those! :)
    My sister got me a mousey-looking one for xmas! :) so warm! :)
    haha those brain slugs are pretty cute :p imagine walking around with one of those on your head hahha!

  2. So cute!!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!



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