Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute Games!

I would like to share with you all some of my fave cute online games!
these are great to kill time and they are really fun (. ◕ ω ◕ )

Ameba Pico!

Ameba Pico is a very cute virtual world game that you can play on facebook or on the website.
Its all about making friends and it has lots of cute customizable features, such as rooms and avatars.
You can play games to win online currency called Gummies and buy clothing and furniture for your house!

There are always fun events and things to do, such as holiday events and quests.
And when you are not doing quests and games you can hang out in the various themed parks and rooms and chat with people from all around the world! its a really fun way to make new friends ^ω^

One of my fave things about Ameba Pico is you can have cute pets that follow you around and do adorable tricks! I have a pet panda named Ruki he loves to eat bamboo and sleep in my lap! ♥


Poupée Girl

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Poupée Girl is a beautiful fashion and social game where you can create the most adorable doll like avatars and dress them in gorgeous clothing ♥

You can earn Ribbons to purchase lovely clothing and customize your avatar and then show her off for everyone to see

Also you are able to post photos of your real clothing and create a virtual closet for everyone to see and comment on! its a great game if you love fashion and cute things.
There are contests to enter for your avatar and fun games to play to win more ribbons.

I am new to this game but i really love it already!

What cute games do you love to play?



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