Friday, June 10, 2011

♡ Custom Lolita (Sweet Rococo) ♡

I just stumbled upon a really cute online Lolita fashion store called

 ♥ Sweet Rococo ♥

Sweet Rococo is special because it has a really clever wizard that lets you customize lovely dresses, skirts and accessories! ♥ omg so much fun kyaa~ ♥ O(≧∇≦)O
Its really easy to do and there is tons of options, right down to types of lace and beading you like.
I was really impressed by the outcomes i found while browsing the gallery.
It doesn't matter if you like sweet styles or elegant styles there is definitely something for everyone at Sweet Rococo ♥

I had so much fun making different things even though i don't wear the Lolita style ...although i totally want a hairband! ♥ (っ´ω`c) cuutttee!
One of the features of the website that  i love is that if you make an account you can store your lovely designs in your online closet so you can edit them or just save them for later, what a wonderful idea!
Also there is a regular online store where you can buy stuff you cant make on the wizard and the designs are really beautiful.



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