Sunday, January 30, 2011

♥ Everyday Kawaii! ♥ ◕‿◕

Lets face it sometimes life just isn't kawaii. but i have thought up some ways to change that even if only a little bit ^_^

Eat Kawaii.

You probably have seen this kind of thing before, Japanese lunch boxes called Bento boxes filled with kawaii food!
Making Bento food is fun and cute but its not practical for every day :(
however there are some more simple ways you can make eating more kawaii ♥

Charaben Bento :P

Buy a bento box or some cute serving ware, because any food will be more kawaii on or in something cute!
Its pretty easy to find stuff like this if you google things like kawaii bento

My faves thing is this Cloud 9 Noodle Bowl by Paperchase!

Its so kawaii i just wanna pop off the lid and nom on its noodle brains! ♥ :3

Bento boxes and bento box sets like these can be found all over the net but a good place to look is eBay.
Most bento boxes are microwaveable except the lid so they are both cute and useful! ^_^

Kawaii Bento Box Set

And if you think foods still not kawaii enough then you can get some cute tools to make it even more kawaii XD
I recommend cutters, you can use regular cookie cutters or special bento cutters, once again eBay has an amazing selection.

The different types of cutters include:
☆ Vegetable Cutters - Used to cut veggies into flowers, stars and other simple shapes.

☆ Sausage Mold Cutters - These are so cute they help you make the sausage into animal shapes!

☆ Ham and Cheese Cutters - Range in shape, kind of like little cookie cutters.

☆ Bread Cutters - Larger Cutters sometimes teamed with a mold to make bread even cuter.

☆ Nori Cutters/Punches - Used to punch out shapes and faces in sheets or Nori.

Bento cutters


Making chores Kawaii!

This is probably the area in our lives that can be the least kawaii but i found a few items to help with that!

I adore these Kawaii kitchen sponges!(♥w♥) you can find them in all different super cute shapes and so cheap! i found a great selection at From Japan With Love!

Cleaning is sooo boring! it defiantly needs to be more cute and fun!
Obviously i am not the only person who thinks so because someone really clever invented the Bubble Scrubber! XD so when you get bored washing up you can take a break to blow some pretty bubbles :3
Available at Perpetual Kid

Dusting has to be my least fave chore! its so yucky and it makes me sneeze :(
But when i saw this Dust Bunny i almost forgot about all of that because its sooo cute!!! o(>w<)o And its made from that micro fiber stuff that cleans really well ^_^
Also found at Perpetual Kid

How do you make every day life more kawaii?



  1. Oh my KAWAII. I love IT! Cute, cute, cute, cute...>w<

  2. I have the cloud9 noodle bowl but the cap is a little different...bought it from Borders X}



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