Friday, January 14, 2011


I am obsessed with Ponwan ♥ at ♥ Sugar Bunny Shop ♥ it has to be the cutest character i have ever seen!
I love all pandas so i was so excited when i found this website a while back and then so sad when i lost it, but it must be fate because i stumbled across my beloved Ponwan again! And i wanna buy everything lol. Ponwan isnt the only character by Sugar Bunny that makes me squee there is also Cupcake Kitties, Doki Fox and Puddle Bunny (total cute overload) and you can get these cuties in plushies, apparel and stationary XD what more could a girl want!



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  1. Hey Cherri Drop :) It's Bubiful from Ameba Pico. Your blog is so cute and your so cute. I love ittt <333 X3 If you get the time could you check out mine ^.~. Thanks <3.



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