Tuesday, February 14, 2012

☆ Cute Smartphone Apps ☆

Like most people i LOVE my smart phone ♡ and i am always looking for fun apps to cute up my phone.
So i decided that i should share all my fave kawaii apps with you (。◕‿‿◕。)
Most will be for android because that's the kind of phone i have but some include iphone also.

Snapeee is a social networking PuriKura app that lets you take pictures and then decorate them with lots of cute frames, stamps, brushes and text.
There is lots of kawaii decorations to download on the Snapeee Shopeee and they are all free O(≧∇≦)O.
When you are all done decorating you can submit the pic to the Snapeee network or share them on twitter & facebook.
You can also browse through other users submitted pics and leave comments and follow the ones you like! its a kawaii way to make new friends ♡ ◕‿◕
Snapeee is available on both Android and iPhone/iPad for free!
Please feel free to follow me on Snapeee if you like my user name is Cherri Drop!

DECOPIC is a really kawaii PuriKura app i like it a lot for editing photos because it has lots of lovely filters to work with as well as frames, stamps and text. It also has lots of pretty handwriting pens to choose from so you can really customize your pretty pictures. (^ ω ^.)
You can upload your pics to Facebook, Twitter, Ameba and other social networks.
DECOPIC is available on both Android and iPhone for free!

I love DECO♡CUTE because it lets me send cute emails with lots of cute emoji ♡★\(^∇^)/♡★ Most emoji (emoticons) you need to download many are free however some need to pay for but in my opinion they are cheep and worth it.
Some parts are Japanese but its easy to use for people who only know English.
Also currently it only works for Gmail addresses so that's kinda sad for others.
Below are some examples of emoji you can download for DECO♡CUTE!
DECO♡CUTE is only available for Android and is free to download.

DecoDentaku is perfect for all the girls who love decoden!
It makes me squee because i love all the pretty details and it makes using a boring calculator fun and kawaii ♡
It has three different styles to choose from pink, blue and yellow and they are all adorned with pearls, flowers, diamantes and other kawaii things.
DecoDentaku is available for both iPhone and Android 

Lastly i want to share some of my fave Live wallpapers ♡
uistore makes beautiful interactive and customizable live wallpapers that are perfect for any girly phone.
You can always change the colors and details to suit your kawaii style ♡
Even though you have to pay for the full wallpaper free trials are available and to me they are worth it (^_^)
uistore is available for Android but i don't think iphone.



  1. Even though I don't have an iphone, I think that those apps would be so perfect for me! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What is that cursor? I really wanna use it. Can you link me it?



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