Monday, February 27, 2012

♥ Kawaii cupcake coffee cozy ♥

All hail Twinkie Chan the queen of kawaii crochet! ♥
I have always been such a fan of her work because its beautiful and original.
And i instantly fell in ♥♡ LOVE ♡♥ with these cupcake coffee cozys that she lovingly hand crochets.

These cute cozys are perfect for around any cup when you are on the go because they are not only handy but also an eye catching fashion statement that will make people around you squee! \(♥ω♥)/
They are made from beautiful 100% acrylic yarn and decorated with rainbow mini pompom sprinkles and a kawaii topper (normally a big red cherry!). Don't they look good enough to eat? and MUCH better than an ugly cardboard sleeve. (^ ω ^.)

They can be found on Twinkie Chans Etsy store ♥ --> HERE <--♥ along with other kawaii goodies. ♥



  1. I bought my cozy yesterday! Twinkie Chan is so talented!! I can't wait to get mine!!



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